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Rachael's week in the life of Kidz Klub! Entry 2

Posted by Emma Perkins on June 18, 2014 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday I spent the morning preparing for Kidz Klub Choir. We did about kindness and why it’s important to be kind. I used a piece of paper in a metaphorical way by crumpling the paper up then straightening it out again. However, they then realised after straightening it out, thinking of it as saying sorry, that the paper still didn’t go back to how it was before. This showed the kids that you must always think before you do or say anything horrible to someone else no matter how horrible they are to you. After that Chloe and I went to visit the children at Yearsley Grove Primary School while they were eating lunch. As soon as we came back I got on with doing some posters for the carnival this weekend for the Kidz Klub stall. After that Chloe and I went to visit some more kids at their house, it was nice to see some of the kids that I could be seeing tonight. Finally the choir came which was really nice to listen to the children sing, and listen as I had my slot.

Rachael's week in the life of Kidz Klub! Entry 1

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It's my first day of work experience today, and we've discussed the week ahead. I'm actually quite excited for what I'll be doing. Despite all the meetings, telling stories to the kids sounds quite fun. I'm thinking of getting them to act it out for me at the front, can't forget dress up either. Visiting rounds should also be interesting as I rarely do them. Doing the Kidz Klub choir is making me very slightly nervous but I'm pretty confident anyway. Kate has directed me through the week's timetable, sounds pretty good to me. Work experience should be awesome since I alrready know I like the people I'm working with

Rachael :)

Anna's Internship

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What has been your favourite thing about being an intern for Kidz Klub?

I think my favourite thing would have to be meeting all the children and getting to know them all. Doing visiting rounds each week also gave me the chance to get to know some children even more, and their families.

What have you struggled with or found difficult about the internship?

I have to say I have struggled mostly with assemblies, solely due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of early mornings. So getting up at 7am was quite a struggle!!

What types of jobs did you do on as an intern?

Monday’s and Wednesday’s would often involve preparation for the Kidz Klub on that night. This would involve things such as preparing anything for the messy games and making sure that any props or material was sorted for the night. I’d also do things such as write a newsletter about Kidz Klub’s progress, create colouring sheets for the children and help write scripts for assemblies we’d do in the local schools. I went to Yearsley Grove Primary School and New Earswick Primary School very often, this was to get to know the children who go there and see if they may be interested in going to Kidz Klub and just building relationships with the other children in the community. I would also go visit some of the children and families that go to Kidz Klub in New Earswick giving them a colouring sheet each week, just so that we can get to know the families the children come from.

What have you learnt from your time here in York?

I feel I have benefitted a lot through the talks done for the children in Kidz Klub. They are presented in a way that children will respond mostly to it, but I feel that they do definitely apply to everyone. The teachings I feel have certainly made me take on different perspectives on some things. I feel like this experience has strengthened my faith, and given me a new outlook on things.

What do you plan to do for the rest of the year now?

Well I’m going to university in September to study working with children and families, so I’m going to get a job and some more work experience in preparation for it. I also hope that in my home church that I can partake more in the children’s ministry as I’m sure after my time here I can go home and come up with a few more ideas.

Would you recommend doing an internship with Kidz Klub?

Definitely, I think it’s worth doing it just to meet the kids. They’re such amazing people and I feel so grateful to have been able to have got to know so many of them over the past six months. But Kidz Klub really makes an impact on these childen’s lives, bringing them closer to God and helping them know how great his love really is for them and it’s so rewarding being able to be a part of that.








Exploring The Bible

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Can you name all the books of the Bible? I know I can't but by Christmas I should be able to along with all the children at Kidz Klub.

This term, from September, our explorer friend, Professor Penelope Pigglesbottom, and our new interns, Anna and Chloe, have been helping us to explore the Bible and discover more.

Penelope has been having some fabulous adventures while searching for the 'Ancient Book of Life' and giving us a few giggles and the odd pearl of wisdom along the way. The children have been enjoying watch her run ins with a number of creatures including a gorilla!

Chloe and Anna have been teaching us a song with actions to help us remember all 66 books of the Bible. We have learnt all the Old Testament now and are amazed at how well some of the children are doing at remembering the books and the actions. We're looking forward to the challenge of adding the New Testament books between now and Christmas and discovering how many of the children will be going on the trip to Waterworld that Kate promised as a reward to those who can name all the books.

In our teaching section 'Silent Seats' we have been learning more about the Bible, what it is, who wrote it and how we can use it today. Hopefully the children are learning lessons this term that they can take away and use for the rest of their lives. We've learnt that the Bible is not just one book but is made up of 66 books that are split into the Old and New Testaments. We've had some hands-on experience of looking at the Bible, discovering where the two testaments are divided and trying to find the book, chapter and verse in various references. We have also tried to do some Bible study which often seems to encourage more questions from the children than it asks.

It has been great to see the children so enthusiastic about getting their hands on the Bible and investigating more for themselves. It is such a blessing that our Bible sponsorship campaign has gone so well and we have been able to place a copy of the Bible in each child's hands for them to take away and keep as their own. Hopefully what we're doing at Klub will inspire them to go home and look at their Bibles in their own time and with their families.

As we start back at Klub for the second half of this term we look forward to looking more at our Bibles and learning more about the Word of God. As a leader I look forward to trying to answer the questions the children ask and perhaps discovering more about the Bible myself through finding the answers.

Now, how did those books of the Bible go again? Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus...

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New Kidz Klub York Office Base...from Kate

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I am so so happy to announce that in partnership with the council we have moved our Kidz Klub York office base to The New Earswick Youth Centre. After having been shown around the building before the summer I immediately had it my mind that I wanted to make use of the unused space! Then God provided Anna and Chloe which meant we wouldn't fit in the office base at St Andrews Church. The council have been amazing and have provided the use of the space at a very low cost. 

The building used to be a youth centre with all sorts of provision for the young people in the local community. It has been practically unused for the past few years and we are now renting the office space with plans to make as much use of the building as we can. It is so obvious that God has so many plans for this building and has been paving the way through the journey of the past few years of Kidz Klub leading up to this space. Every morning when I walk in the building it's not a gentle nudge to make the use of the space and serve the local community but like a punch in the stomach. It has been such a joy to begin to put life back into the building. Dreams and visions are an incredible thing and moving in has seen so many of these become a reality beyond my wildest imagination. I can not wait to see God's plans unfold for the space...I know I already have a few ideas! Do pray for us. The council have said up front that obviously they do not know their future plans for the building in the current climate. But obviously we would love to make the most of it while we can and hope to have a provision worth moving forward with.

We would love to invite you to our Comissioning and open day on the 3rd of November. It will be from 2pm til 4pm with a more "official" prayer and worship section at 2.30pm. Do feel free to drop in and pray with us as we seek God's heart for the building.

New Earswick Youth Centre
Hawthorn Terrace
New Earswick
Haxby Road
YO32 4AQ

Hello - from Anna, Kidz Klub York Intern

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Who are you?

My name is Anna and I am 18 years old.

Where have you come from?

I come from the Wirral in Merseyside, which is near Liverpool and Chester. I have lived on the Wirral my whole life, so this is my first time living away from home. Back home I attended the Church of the Good Shepherd, which I was deeply involved with since I was13 years old.

Tell us a little bit about you…

I have recently finished my A-levels including Psychology, English Literature and Classical Civilisation. I’m currently taking a gap year to work with Kidz Klub and am then hoping to go to university the following year to get a degree in Education with Special and Inclusive Needs. My hobbies include; baking, reading, photography and playing the guitar. I have been involved in the worship at Church of the Good Shepherd for over four years and took on the role of leading worship for two years, which was an amazing opportunity to be involved in and really developed my faith.

How did you end up coming to be an intern for Kidz Klub?

My sister, Emma, has been deeply involved with the charity for a few years now, acting as the worship co-ordinator within Kidz Klub. It is through her connection to the Klub that I learned of the charity and the work it was doing within the communities and churches across York, and I really admired the vision and work that Kidz Klub had accomplished. After finding out about the Klub, I really felt God was telling me that this was an opportunity that I should take on, teaching children about the love God has for them.

What are you most looking forward to about the year?

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the people involved in the charity, meeting new people and building relationships within the community. I am also looking forward to seeing the work that Kidz Klub are setting out to achieve and taking part in the strong vision the Klub has, being able to witness that vision become a reality.

What would you like prayer for?

That I can settle down in York, having never lived away from home before, so that I can make the most of the time that I spend here. Also, that I can achieve the work that God has set out for me to do here.

Hello - from Chloe, Kidz Klub York Intern

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Who are you?

Hi my name is Chloe and I am 21 years old.

Where have you come from?

I am from a little village near Northallerton, NorthYorkshire.

Tell us a little bit about you…

I enjoying living in the countryside, walking, reading, baking and playing my cornet in the local brass band. I have always grown up in church and asked Jesus to be my friend at the age of 7. Since the age of 11 I have been involved as a leader for the children’s work in our church.

How did you end up coming to be an intern for Kidz Klub?

I have always had a heart for kids ministry so when I was given the opportunity to go on team for Groundbreakers at New Wine NE in 2011 I jumped at the chance. That was the first time I met Kate and heard about Kidz Klub. That sparked my initial interest in the work of Kidz Klub and I started to ‘follow’ their work on facebook. When offered the chance to become an intern in 2011 I had my mind set on other plans so I told God that wasn’t his plan for me. In 2012 one of my church friends got a job working for Kidz Klub Bradford and that summer emailed me the ad for Kidz Klub York interns and yet again I talked myself out saying that it wasn’t the right plan for my life.  I carried on following their work and throughout the 2012-2013 year God really started to talk to me about my future. At New Wine 2013 God spoke through quite a few different people about missed opportunities and that God can have plans for our next steps but they don’t last forever and sometimes we have to move on. So having had my heart prepared throughout the week in our team worship on Friday night I really felt ready to receive and move on. It was then that Kate mentioned the internships again and I knew that’s what I had to do and was going to speak to her after group about it. Me being me I got cold feet and told God yet again that it was too big for me and if he really wanted me there then he’d have to confirm it. So feeling pretty confident that God wouldn’t manage to speak to me in a cow shed full of 350 hyper 5-7 year olds I got on and enjoyed watching several leaders goofing around on stage, worshipping the Lord with some crazy songs and learning about being shining stars for Jesus. When it came towards the end of what was the final session each leader in a box took 5-6 kids and prayed for them that they would be able to shine for Jesus when they went home, the children were then encouraged to pray for the leaders that they were sat with, at that point one of the girls that was praying with another leader in my group got up, climbed over the kids in my circle, stood right in front of me and our conversation went like this:

Child ‘I’ve got to pray for you’

Me ‘I think Kate meant the leader you were sat with’

Child: ‘No I’ve got to pray for YOU! (closed her eyes and placed herhand on my shoulder) Dear Jesus Please show Chloe the path you want her to take and please help her to be brave enough to follow you’ and she turned round and walked off!

Needless to say I went to talk to Kate after the session and here I am!

What are you most looking forward to about the year?

I am really looking forward to starting the next steps of my journey in all respects and am excited about the new situations God is going to use to mould me to be more like Christ! I am however rather nervous as I am much more comfortable working with small groups and allowing others to do the upfront stagey bits, but as someone once said to me ‘You’ll never walk on the water unless you get out of the boat!’


What would you like prayer for?

Just that I settle in well and that I let God use me in the best way possible.


Hello- from Laura, Media Administration Officer.

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Who Am I?

My name is Laura, I am 31 and have been married since April. I was born in York and brought up mostly in Shipton by Beningbrough, I now live in Holgate. I have been a Christian since I was 15 and a member of St Michael le Belfrey church in York for 5 years. I enjoy reading, writing, baking, cycling, meeting people for coffee and using social media to keep in touch with friends and family. I have always had an interest in childcare and education and have been involved in volutary work with children in churches for over ten years.

Why Am I Involved with Kidz Klub York?

While doing a Children's Ministry Parish Assistant (intern) year at St Michael le Belfrey in 2011-12 I was asked to be involved in a holiday club and starting up a new Kidz Klub at Robert Wilkinson School in Strensall. The holiday club was great and we had so much fun. When the new Kidz Klub started I knew that I was where God wanted me to be, teaching the primary school age children about Jesus and the God who loves them. I stayed on as a leader when my Parish Assistant year finished in July 2012 because it is so much fun and it is important to have good, consistent leaders to work with the children. Being a part of the Kidz Klub York (Strensall) team is great and we all enjoy our time as a team with or without the children. Watching the children grow as people and in their faith is such a blessing. In July I was asked to consider taking on a new role for Kidz Klub York, I agreed and am now Kidz Klub York's Media Administration Officer.

What is a Media Administration Officer?

My role as Media Administration Officer involves updating Kidz Klub York's Facebook and Twitter accounts, writing a blog and maintaining the website and producing regular prayer emails and newsletters. The role is well suited to my writing skills and use of social media generally and is an ideal way to use these skills to help Kidz Klub more.

Look out for further blog posts including leader interviews and stories from Klub. I look forward to writing them or collaborating on them with other members of the team.

God bless,

Laura x

Tearfund Poor Boxes

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Here's a letter we sent to tearfund recently after having watched the following video about children in Africa:

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Dear Tearfund,

After hearing the story of Joel Saunders creating a poor box and managing to raise a fantastic amount of money for you we decided to make some poor boxes of our own. We then took them and collected loose change through several different ways. Some of us took them to school to ask our friends and teachers. Some of us asked our family and some of us even went knocking on our doors and telling people about the children we had seen in your video asking them to give change for our poor boxes. We managed to raise £66.55 which we have sent to you with this letter. We hope it makes a difference to the children who aren’t as lucky as we are.

From KIDZ KLUB kidz in York!

Here’s some pictures of us with our poor boxes: