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Posted by Emma Perkins on February 13, 2014 at 6:50 AM

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What has been your favourite thing about being an intern for Kidz Klub?

I think my favourite thing would have to be meeting all the children and getting to know them all. Doing visiting rounds each week also gave me the chance to get to know some children even more, and their families.

What have you struggled with or found difficult about the internship?

I have to say I have struggled mostly with assemblies, solely due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of early mornings. So getting up at 7am was quite a struggle!!

What types of jobs did you do on as an intern?

Monday’s and Wednesday’s would often involve preparation for the Kidz Klub on that night. This would involve things such as preparing anything for the messy games and making sure that any props or material was sorted for the night. I’d also do things such as write a newsletter about Kidz Klub’s progress, create colouring sheets for the children and help write scripts for assemblies we’d do in the local schools. I went to Yearsley Grove Primary School and New Earswick Primary School very often, this was to get to know the children who go there and see if they may be interested in going to Kidz Klub and just building relationships with the other children in the community. I would also go visit some of the children and families that go to Kidz Klub in New Earswick giving them a colouring sheet each week, just so that we can get to know the families the children come from.

What have you learnt from your time here in York?

I feel I have benefitted a lot through the talks done for the children in Kidz Klub. They are presented in a way that children will respond mostly to it, but I feel that they do definitely apply to everyone. The teachings I feel have certainly made me take on different perspectives on some things. I feel like this experience has strengthened my faith, and given me a new outlook on things.

What do you plan to do for the rest of the year now?

Well I’m going to university in September to study working with children and families, so I’m going to get a job and some more work experience in preparation for it. I also hope that in my home church that I can partake more in the children’s ministry as I’m sure after my time here I can go home and come up with a few more ideas.

Would you recommend doing an internship with Kidz Klub?

Definitely, I think it’s worth doing it just to meet the kids. They’re such amazing people and I feel so grateful to have been able to have got to know so many of them over the past six months. But Kidz Klub really makes an impact on these childen’s lives, bringing them closer to God and helping them know how great his love really is for them and it’s so rewarding being able to be a part of that.








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